List of FORTRAN programs

      1.   The Big Triangle Small Triangle approach to solving planar location problems   Drezner Z. and A. Suzuki (2004) “The Big Triangle Small Triangle Method for the Solution of Non-Convex Facility Location Problems,” Operations Research, 52, 128-135. A Fortran Program which automatically solves problems whose objective is a sum of functions, each a function of the Euclidean distance to a demand point. The method is described in Drezner Z. (2007) “A General Global Optimization Approach for Solving Location Problems in the Plane,” Journal of Global Optimization, 37, 305-319.

      2.   Calculating Multivariate Normal Integral Probabilities. (Drezner Z. (1992) "Computation of the Multivariate Normal Integral," ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 18, 470-480.) Very efficient up to dimensionality of 10.

      3.   Solving Quadratic Assignment Problems Using a Hybrid Genetic-Concentric Tabu Algorithm.

Executable file

12 small test problems Kra30ab, Nug30, Tho30, Esc32a-d,h, ste36a-c.

10 medium size test problems Tho 40, Sko42,49, Wil50, Sko56,64, Esc64a.

7 large test problems Skoo100a-f, Wil100.

Results for de Carvalho et al. Problems (14 Problems)

A "state of the art" FORTRAN code for the solution of the Quadratic Assignment Problem using a hybrid-genetic procedure with improvements.

Description of the Program and Instructions


Executable file

New possibly difficult problems with known optimum.   (based on the paperDrezner Z., P.M. Hahn. and E.D. Taillard (2005)

“Recent Advances for the Quadratic Assignment Problem with Special Emphasis on Instances that are Difficult for Meta-heuristic Methods,”

 Annals of Operations Research, 139, 65–94.”

dre15   optimum: 306

dre18   optimum: 332

dre21   optimum: 356

dre24   optimum: 396

Dre28   optimum: 476

dre30   optimum: 508

dre42   optimum: 764

dre56   optimum: 1086

dre72   optimum: 1452

dre90   optimum: 1838

dre110 optimum: 2264

dre132 optimum: 2744